Beadwork from Another dimension       sculptural jewelry, one-of-a-kind art

Laura McCabe Art (dba. Just Let Me Bead) is a one-woman design compnay with a focus on modern aesthetics combined with age-old fine craftsmanship.  Every piece you see here is conceived, designed and constructed by Laura.


Using innovative structural beadwork techniques and elaborate hand stitching, Laura constructs these one-of-a-kind pieces one bead at a time.  Labor hours are extensive and construction is first class, using the finest beads, gemstones, pearls, leathers, and unconventional elements.


After 20 years of mastering the art of beadwork, Laura strives to bring you the most innovative, high quality and unique beaded artwork and jewelry available. 




“One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.”

                                                           -Oscar Wilde