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Beadwork is by nature delicate. 


As the artist there are many steps I take in the construction process to ensure longevity of work, including working with the strongest available fibers, conditioning threads, and using the highest quality materials available. 


Even so, there are several things to keep in mind when wearing beadwork . . .


Beadwork is constructed from hundreds, and sometimes thousands of tiny glass beads.  As with any glass, these beads are delicate and can break.  Finished work cannot sustain impact to a hard surface.  Please take care when handling and wearing work as damage can compromise the integrity of the work and in some cases cannot be repaired.


Beadwork is not intended for wear in water.  Be sure to remove beaded pieces before swimming, bathing or washing hands.


Jewelry with stone spikes should be worn with care.  These spikes are stone, but still subject to possible breakage upon impact.  Particularly in the case of rings and bracelets, be careful not to knock the stones or beadwork up against hard surfaces.


Perfumes and hairsprays will negatively affect the finish of the beads.  Applying either when wearing finished beadwork is strongly not recommended.


Beads will naturally patina over time, causing variation in colors and finishes.  This is merely a response to body chemistry and part of the evolution of beadwork through time and wear.


To clean your beadwork . . .

Items that have no textile or leather components can be dipped in warm water and patted dry with a paper towel.  While regular and extended exposure to water is not recommended, occasional cleanings are fine as the thread used is fishing line and compatible with water.


For items with textile or leather components, use a soft brush or a microfiber cleaning cloth to brush away dust and fingerprints.


Be sure to store beadwork in its own box when it's not being worn.